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15 years of corporate enterprise experience as a enthusiastic leader with a human-centered approach, adept at performance optimization, and driving transformative improvements to digital marketing and E-commerce platforms, resulting in elevated customer satisfaction and enhanced business performance.

Proficient in agile methodologies, specializing in website performance, user experience and strategic roadmap planning. Consistently delivering excellence across all domains.

My Strengths as a Product Manager

  • Developing and articulating a clear vision for digital products aligned with the company’s overall strategic objectives.
  • Understanding customer needs and behaviors to ensure that digital products meet user expectations and drive engagement.
  • Leading the end-to-end product development lifecycle, from ideation and prioritization to execution and launch, while collaborating with cross-functional teams.
  • Leveraging data and analytics to inform product decisions, optimize features, and drive continuous improvement based on user feedback and performance metrics.
  • Implementing agile methodologies to foster flexibility, adaptability, and rapid iteration in product development processes.
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including executives, engineering teams, designers, and third-party vendors, to ensure alignment and collaboration.
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities in the digital landscape, and developing innovative solutions to address market needs and competitive pressures.
  • Inspiring and guiding cross-functional teams with effective leadership, and communication to achieve product goals and deliver results.
  • Staying in-tune with industry trends and emerging technologies to capitalize on market opportunities and maintain a competitive edge.
  • Driving measurable business outcomes, such as revenue growth and customer satisfaction through successful product optimization efforts.

“Tony possess a unique combination of strategic thinking, technical acumen, leadership abilities, and business acumen that drives innovation and delivers value to the company and its stakeholders.”

-Past Manager

Employment History

Digital Product Manager– eCommerce- B2B Website 2021-Present

Legrand AV Division

Senior product owner 2012-2020

UnitedHealth Group- Marketing

Senior technology manager and User Experience Strategist

Optum IT- Innovation, Research and Development

Technology management 2008-2012

Minnesota Vikings – National Football League (NFL) sports franchise

Senior Technology Manager 2006-2012

Graybow Communications Inc. – Event & meeting Management Company


Minnesota State University- Mankato, MN

General credits 1999-2001

Institute of Production & Recording- Minneapolis, MN

Certificate of Audio Production and Engineering 2002-2004

Community contributions and Hobbies

Volunteering and contributions: Board Member; Youth travelling basketball association (Web Master, Communication director), Youth sport coaching, non-profit theatre organizations

Hobbies: Family man, music production, engineering, songwriting and performance, camping, hiking, emerging technologies, woodworking, welding, antique restoration. Experience in multiple Small Business startups and entrepreneurial spirited.